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Check Out Petbery’s Selection of Cat Treats

Through thick and thin, your cat has loved you, no matter what. So, why not treasure their devotion by giving them a special treat?
For every meow and cuddle, they give, feed them their favorite treats from Petbery. We carry a wide selection of cat treats in a range of flavors, including tuna, salmon, shrimp, duck, codfish as well as Foie Gras. So, your cat will be licking the bowl clean every time.Buy cat treats online from Petbery for an affordable price and stock up on a few favorites too. We’d be happy to help you give your cat a delicious meal every time they want.
Our delicious cat treats are part of our discounted subscription offer! Get your monthly supply right at your doorstep! Petbery offers free delivery on shipments over AED 100.

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